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The year 2019 marks the 113rd anniversary of Jinan University and the 21st anniversary of the School of Management. This year, the Alumni Association continued to provide a lifelong community for graduates, and growing connection among friends through a variety of events and new organizations. With the robust support from our dear alumni, It has been a great year at the School and the Alumni Association.  

Here are the highlights of 2019.

This year, the association established a integrated and  and comprehensive network platform with organizations range form Alumni homecoming club, to industry clubs and interest clubs. There are 9 alumni organizations established in 2019. They are: EDP alumni association, Graduate Alumni Association, Directors of the alumni grade, MBA Book Club, MBA Desert Challenge Club, Jinan Running Club, EMBA Zhuhai Association, MBA Creative Thinking Club, IT Industry Club.

Some new organizations’ establishment)

During 2019, the Schools official Wechat account published over 70 event notices and related news, and over 10 alumni interviews. Different alumni organizations also has their own Wechat group to keep our alumni well-informed and engaged with each other. It also provide a channel for Alumni to connect with their Alma mater.

(Event notices and news in Official Wechat Account)

This year, the Alumni Association holds over 50 events of academic, practice and competition. Thousands of alumni engaged in these events.

(Lecture on law and business management)

(E business model competition kick-off meeting)

(See-ahead seminars)

In 2019, the alumni association celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of China with a range of Remain True to Our Original Aspiration” themed activities. Events includes:

On March 24th, the associations organized the Spring Tea Session, in which the association members establish the initial plan and arrangement of this years alumni events, demonstrating the resolve and confidence for this year development.


On May 23rd, the association organized the appointment ceremony and training meeting of directors of the alumni grade. For the first time, outstanding graduates were selected at the college level to set up an alumni organization as a bridge for the college to contact alumni.

On June 30th , Alumni ceremony by was held to honor the awarded alumni in national competition.

On November 24th, administration meeting was held to celebrate new organization establishment. In the meeting, the administration group summarize the past achievements and discuss the future priorities.

On December 5th, the 2nd Luxiang Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund Annual Forum was held. Alumni shared their thinking and experience in entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity from different dimensions.

Supported by Luoding Educational Foundation, Alumni Entrepreneurs Public Lecture has already been held successfully for three times. This series of lectures promote lifelong learning spirit. Through lectures and seminars, cooperation and exchanges among alumni are promoted.

The School supports and organizes alumni to participate in national competitions. In 2019 alumni participated in the Hanlin Cup golf tournament, the 14th Xuanzhang Road Business School Gobi Challenge, the 8th Asia-Pacific Business School Desert Challenge, and the first Asia-Pacific Business School Snow Mountain Challenges, business school badminton competitions and other alumni featured activities, and achieved good results. All these events enhanced the national and regional impact of the university.

Looking back on 2019, more and more alumni came “home”.  With the reunion of Alumni together in alumni events, memories surged up in Alumni‘s mind. 

For a long time, the School of Management has always maintained a close relationship with our alumni and has devised plans for their personal career or business development. Alumni showed great enthusiasm and support for the development and construction of the University and the School. We are very grateful for every gift received.

In March, Wuqiong Food Co., Ltd. donated 100,000 yuan as a special fund for undergraduate teaching practice for the School. In the same month, alumni Nie Tieliang donated 1 million yuan to support the development of digital accounting education. In November, Gordon Education Group established a strategic cooperation with the School of Management and set up Gordon Education Fund, and donated 1 million yuan to the Education Development Foundation of Jinan University to support the discipline development, faculty construction, employee career development and student motivation, etc. At the alumni event on November 24th, alumnus Ke Rongqing promised to donate 100 thousand yuan as activity fund for the 9th Asia Pacific Business School Desert Challenge. 

The School is most grateful to the generous support from all alumni. Thanks to their support, in this years Jinan University Fourth Global Alumni Association Presidents Meeting, the Alumni Association of the SoM was awarded as the Most Energetic Alumni Organization”, and other six alumni was also awarded. In 2020, Efforts will continue to be made to provide a good community for Alumni and all.

Our alumni are the eternal pride of the School, and they are a strength for the School development. Their care and support are an indispensable advantage of the School.

We welcome all alumni to go back “home” often and wish you a very happy new year!