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Lecce Diary Series 6 - Live Boldly Live Freely

Publish Time:2021-11-17   View:172

It's been 2 months since I came to Lecce, Italy, and these two months are just in the twinkling of the eye, it really happened a lot... In just two months I felt the thickness of life suddenly increase a lot. Thanks to my courage, I have made a right choice.  



Everyday I feel free and easy when I first came here, the weather in Lecce is fabulous, not too cold or too hot, just the perfect one, the sun is warm, and the sky is blue everyday. Walking on the road, you can see the pigeons everywhere, and they are not afraid of people. Most of all, coming to a foreign country gives you a chance to temporarily cut off all domestic connections, no matter the complex interpersonal relationships, or the atmosphere that seem to have been a bit boring and repetitive around you, all of which are brand new, and you seem to have faded a layer of shell, such a relief. I especially enjoy walking in brick-and-mortar paths, watching passers-by, street artists doing handicrafts, girls playing guitar in the ancient ruins square at night, all of which made me feel the beauty in life.  



Tourism is an essential part of the life in Italy, you can take good-looking photos on any path surrounded by Baroque architecture, the sunset in Naples gate is always beautiful and moving. Matera's roads stretch up and down, and the stone-cast town always reminds you of the castles of Game of Thrones. Ostuni is all white, and in the evening it seems as if you can see meteors passing by; The sea of Otranto is something you can never forget, a glance of it will make you feel that the trifles of life are not worth mentioning at all. Of course, anywhere you go, you can’t avoid eating a famous Italian gelato.



During the trip you can also meet a variety of new friends, such as the outgoing and sociable Spanish guy Ali, the gentle and thoughtful American girl Elizabeth, the Turkish girl, Efsan, who dreams of working in the embassy after graduation and studies very hard everyday, and the warm and kind, helpful Filipino guy,Jayson. Interacting with people from different countries always give you have a lot of fun.  



The triviality of life is also an inalienable part of the life. Getting the residence permission, tax number, not familiar with the transportation tools, not understanding the accent of Italian teachers, interview, writing graduation papers also drive people crazy. When I first came here, I can not even boil an egg, but now I can cook garlic chicken wings, roast chicken legs, red-burned ribs and a series of complex dishes, and I kind of fall in love with cooking (of course the pizza here is also very delicious).


Coming here has been a fresh start for me. Reading new books, working out everyday, learning italian... The feeling of improving yourself step by step is really awesome. For the next few months, I wish that I would live bravely, live truly, being frank and being free.



Alex Huang