Doctoral Program

Learning Goals

1.Professional Ethics

Students should be able to identify ethical issues and challenges encountered within an organization and determine how they affect the various stakeholders and social responsibilities of business professionals and leaders.

2.Communication Skills

Students should be able to communicate interpersonally in a clear and professional way in both writing and speaking.

3.Chinese Business Insight & International Vision

Students should be able to acquire advanced knowledge in areas of specialization and develop advanced theoretical or practical research skills for the areas of both domestic and international business area.

4.Analytical Skills

Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze and integrate information in the course of evaluating and conducting research.

5.Capacity to Produce Publishable Research

Graduates will present work at an accounting or business conference ranked “high” or better, or be asked to submit a revision of original work for publication in an academic journal ranked at that level.

Research Directions

Under the above learning goals the School of Management sets up 4 research directions for doctoral program:

- Accounting

- Business Administration

- Marketing

- Tourism Management