Learning Goals

1. Professional Quantitative Processing of Scientific Issues


2. Compounded Talents of Management and Technology

Students can manage and control projects and allocate resources for projects in the professional field with the application of principles and methods of management.

3. Communication Skills and International Vision

Students are able to Understand and refine the key information of written text materials, express their opinions with clear-cut, logical, and well-written writing, and deliver more complex information to others in clear, logical, and infectious spoken language.

4. Data Processing and Analysis Capabilities

Students will be able to propose an appropriate business issues, collect the right data, quantifying business metrics, building analytical models, visualizing data, and using data for business communication and decision making.

5. Comprehensive Analytical Skills, Overall View Integrated with Chinese Management Wisdom

Students can develop systems thinking based on the Structural Theory of General Systems (STGS), develop the Total Relationship Flow Management (TRFM) ability based on the TRFM approaches, and provide fundamental insight into business system and management based on the total relationship flow management theorems and propositions.