Basic Teaching Skills Training Series -- How Can a New Teacher Deliver a Good Lecture

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 All undergraduate teaching units and teachers:


The series of basic teaching skills training is a series of activities developed to help and promote new teachers to consolidate basic teaching skills, master basic teaching standards, develop good teaching habits, and improve teaching literacy and teaching ability so as to equip teachers with the teaching competence required for the construction of "first-class undergraduate teaching". The activity is linked to the "Basic Teaching Skills Camp for New Teachers", and is committed to providing services for new teachers' comprehensive and multi-angle teaching development.


The content of this training "How Can a New Teacher Deliver a Good Lecture" is one of the themes in the module of "Teaching Ideas and Teaching Methods". The activity is hereby notified as follows:


A. Event Arrangement


(1) Time: 9:00 am on November 19, 2021 (Friday).

(2) Venue: Room A1203, Fuli Teaching Building, main campus.

(3) Target: new teachers and any other teachers interested.

(4) Speaker: Prof. Junkai Huang, School of Information Science and Technology.

(5) Content: Classroom teaching is the main way and main link of talent training, with inherent logic, art and other norms. For teachers to deliver a good lecture, they must first have a deep understanding of the basic norms of classroom teaching. In this event, Prof. Junkai Huang, one of the Guangdong Renowned Teachers, is invited to share the basic norms that a good course should follow in terms of lecture preparation requirements and classroom teaching requirements based on his more than 30 years of teaching experience and insights.


B. Registration


All schools should actively organize the participation of new teachers and other interested teachers. Participants are requested to register through the link below. The deadline for registration is 17:00 on November 17, 2021.


Registration link:


C. Notes


1. In accordance with the requirements of the Jinan University "Basic Skills Research Camp for New Teachers" Activity Implementation Plan (revised in 2021) (Jijiao [2021] No. 73), the training camp implements the "class hour system" to assess the work load of teachers.This activity counts 2 hours in the assessment.


2. In order to meet the requirements of pandemic prevention and control, participants need to show the "Big Data Itinerary" and it is recommended to wear a mask. Persons with a history of residence in high-risk areas within the country in the past 14 days, persons with a history of residence abroad in the past 21 days, persons who have been in physical contact with persons living in areas with medium and high-risk areas, persons with suspected symptoms such as fever and cough, and those who are still in the follow-up and observation period are not eligible tojoin the event.


3. Contact person: Xiqian Hu, Junxiao Liu;

    Tel: 020-85222162;


    Office: Room 337, Administrative Office Building.



 Undergraduate Faculty Development Centre




Speaker Information: Junkai Huang, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Department of Electronic Engineering of the School of Information Technology, Jinan University. He is one of the Guangdong Renowned Teachers, and the recipient of "Comprehensive Teaching Contribution Award" of the first President’s Award for Undergraduate Teaching of Jinan University. He was awarded the "New Talent of Teaching in Southern Guangdong" in 1994, the "Pioneer of Teacher Morality" in 2002 and the "Top Ten Teachers" in 2008 by Jinan University.