About us


The business education programs in JNU were founded in 1918 by Mr. Huang Yanpei (a prestigious educator who became one of the first Vice Premiers of the People’s Republic of China), aiming to train talents for Chinese society both in mainland China and overseas. Business education was the first discipline of JNU as a higher education institution, so there has been a saying that JNU started with business education. During the following 100 years, business education has been the predominant discipline that JNU has been proud of. The Milestone events include: in 1925, Professor Pan Xulun, “Father of Chinese Modern Accounting”, founded the Accounting Department of JNU; in 1978, JNU became the first in mainland China to offer courses in Marketing; in 1986,JNU became the first in Southern China to be authorized to offer a Ph.D. Program in economics and management; in 1993, JNU became one of the first 26 intuitions in China to be authorized to offer an MBA program.

In 1998, JNU integrated the academic departments of Business Administration, Management Science &Engineering, Administrative Management and Industrial Economics to establish the current School of Management.