Alumni Groups

Alumni Organizations at All Levels

Upholding the glorious tradition of loving their motherland and alma mater, Jinan University alumni have always been concerned about, and supported the construction and development of their alma mater. The Jinan University Alumni Association is a global organization of Jinan University alumni, consisting of 85 regional alumni associations at home and abroad.  

Founded in May 1998, MBA Sodality is an alumni association comprising MBA, EMBA, EDP alumni and students. Currently, the Sixth MBA Sodality has nearly 4,000 members, with Mr. Ye Huiquan serving as the President. MBA Sodality centers on “supporting the career development of MBA students” to carry out its work; encourages the career planning and long-term development of students and promotes the progress of MBA education of Jinan University. Currently it comprises the MBA Association, EMBA Association, EDP Association, Charity Association and various clubs.   

Advocating the concept of Cooperation, Innovation and Win-win Situation, MBA Sodality is committed to building a platform for a win-win cooperation of alumni. It has established a three-tier management structure which is based on the President’s Office Meeting, the Council and the Secretariat, and developed the Charter for MBA Sodality of Jinan University and the Financial Management System for MBA Sodality of Jinan University by actively carrying out the construction of the organization and system. Moreover, it has established a website for the Association to deliver the latest news of the University and the Association to the alumni via SMS platform and email, by actively carry out the construction of an information platform.  
Figure 4.6 MBA Sodality Organization Chart 


Under the EMBA Association, there are:
• 6 branches: Beijing Branch, Anhui Branch, Shandong Branch, Shenzhen Branch, Foshan Branch and Chaozhou Branch.
• 4 teams: Badminton Team, Basketball Team, Football Team and Tennis Team.
• 6 clubs: Wine Club, Photography Club, Women Club for Chinese Culture, Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Club, Jiyu Tea Society and Investment & Financing Club. 
• E Charity Association


Communication Mechanisms between the School and Alumni Organizations

The communication mechanisms are diverse and smooth. The newly established  International Affairs Office of the School will be responsible for coordinating all kinds of alumni affairs. MBA Sodality has established special websites, and will communicate with the teachers in charge at any time via QQ groups and WeChat groups. 

MBA Sodality has established a regular meeting system. The alumni organization communication conferences, attended by the President of the Association and the key members of all organizations, will be convened in the University or alumni enterprises every semester to make decisions on major issues. 

Alumni Services and Alumni Activities

The School attaches great importance to providing alumni with lifelong learning opportunities and building communication platforms for them. Each year, about 50 Chinese business management forums and some EMBA courses will be open to them. Chinese Business (HUA SHANG) Management Case Funds are also available to them, and the School will organize all kinds of alumni activities to build communication platforms at all levels for them. These activities include JNU Alumni Salon, alumni homecoming, New Year's party, badminton matches, golf matches, wine tasting salon and photography & self-driving tour. The alumni homecoming activity, which is held once a year in November, has received an enthusiastic response from the alumni and has become the brand item of the School.       

The EDP Department of the School has launched a Top EMBA program, DBA program and other post-MBA education courses to provide the alumni with a platform for gaining lifelong learning, and extending their social network.  

The MBA Fashion Club, opened in April 2015, is the only club of its kind among the Schools and universities in the South China region so far, which aims at providing multidimensional thinking on personal consumption concepts and fashion concepts for MBA alumni and students of Jinan University.  

Alumni Participating in the School’s Publicity and Promotional Events

Each year alumni are involved in promoting Jinan University’s MBA programs in the MBA recruitment teach-ins. For example:

On June 22, 2014, three MBA 1996 alumni have come to the site of MBA open day activities, and they are respectively Wu Jiezhong, General Manager of Guangzhou Yachuan Logistics Park Investment Co., Ltd., Liu Xin, General Manager of Guangzhou Fuxin Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and Li Tiezhi, General Manager of Jiangmen Sanshuo New Materials Co., Ltd. They shared their business experience with the candidates, as seniors and entrepreneurs.  

On August 24, 2014, MBA 1995 alumnus Mr. Zou Yang shared his entrepreneurship and regimen with MBA freshmen and candidates. With his own entrepreneurial experience as an example, Mr. Zou Yang, by talking about how to combine entrepreneurship with a strict regimen, has encouraged them to maintain physical and mental health when pursuing a successful career.

In an open class in Guangzhou in September 2015, MBA 1994 alumnus Chen Zhimin, HR and Admin Director of Guangdong Foreign Construction Co. Ltd., and 2002 alumnus Tao Yunfeng, General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Guangdong Wuhuan Advertising Co.Ltd., had kindly shared with candidates their notes and recommendations regarding interviews, from their own experience of repeatedly participating in interviews as interviewers.

Moreover, the alumni also agreed to interviews by the School’s magazines or journals. Dozens of alumni and students had participated in the shooting of MBA promos. Some alumni have recommended the School’s programs in their books and publications.



As a nationwide intercollegiate exchange activity for MBAs, launched by MBA students every year, the MBA Forum of China is the largest and most influential MBA event in China. The Forum has fully demonstrated the team spirit and innovation consciousness of Chinese MBAs, and greatly promoted the development of China's MBA education. In the 14th MBA Forum of China held from November 22 to 23, 2014, MBA 1996 alumnus Zhu Xianwen won the title of Top Ten MBA Elite of the Year. In the 15th MBA Forum of China, D-mcark, an e-commerce enterprise in Guangdong founded by four MBA 2009 alumni, including Yu Huanwen, won the Excellent MBA Entrepreneurship Award.