Suspension Notice of SoM Student Exchange Activities During the New Coronavirus Epidemic

Publish Time:2020-02-05   View:98

To all students of SoM:


Recently, the novel coronavirus epidemic has occurred in many cities. In order to protect the health of students,we must do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.


According to "A Reminder of Chinese Citizens Paying Attention to Foreign Entry Control Measures for Control of Pneumonia" by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “Notice of Jinan University on the Postponement of the Start of 2020 Spring Semester” and “Guidlines of Jinan University on Students' Participation in Academic Exchange Activities Abroad (Overseas) During the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic”, School of Management have decided to suspend student exchange activities in this critical period. Detailed regulations are as follows:


1. Suspend the mobility of exchange outgoing students for 2020 spring.


The places of outgoing students who originally planned to mobilize in the 2020 spring will be reserved until 2020 fall and do not need to participate in the school selection again.


2. Suspend registration and selection of exchange candidates for 2020 fall.


The deadline for the application of the exchange outgoings for 2020 fall will be postponed, and is subject to further notice.


 School of Management                  

February 5, 2020