Learning Goals

1. Professional Ethics

Students can apply the principles and methods of business ethics in the field of accounting:
-Understanding the main theories of business ethics and accounting professional ethics;
-Understand the inner relationship between business ethics and corporate activities;
-Applying ethical norms to solve problems related to the moral dilemma of accountants.

2. Communication Skills

3. Chinese Business Insight & International Vision

Students will be skillful in applications of MA concepts in case study concerning business management, be specialized in understanding and summarizing essences of Chinese MA practice, and be able to incorporate Chinese local applications into global business management.

4. Comprehensive Analytical Skills

Students can apply the principles and methods of auditing in the field of CPA auditing for attestation:
-CPA audit business undertaking and audit planning
-CPA audit process management and risk assessment capabilities
-CPA ends of audit and concerns about special issues

5. Data Processing and Analysis Capabilities

Students are able to master certain statistical theories and methods, and be proficient in using relevant statistical software to solve practical problems in the economic and management fields.