Notice of School of Management on Strengthening the Administration of Visits Abroad/overseas on Business During Novel Coronavirus Epidemic Control

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To all offices and departments of SoM:


In order to actively respond to the pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus infection, Guangdong Province has initiated a primary response mechanism for public health emergencies. According to the “Guidelines for the Administration of Going Abroad/overseas on Business during the First-Level Response to Major Public Health Emergencies in Guangdong Province” as well as “Notice of Jinan University on Strengthening the Administration of Visits Abroad/overseas on Business during Novel Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention Control", SoM is dedicated to strengthen the administration of visits abroad/overseas on business during the period of epidemic control. All offices/departments should abide by the following:


1. Resolutely implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech in response to the epidemic and the unified deployment of higher-level departments. Consider epidemic prevention control as the most important,and urgent task at present.


2. During the period of new coronavirus epidemic control, in principle, the approval of general visits abroad/overseas, as well as academic mobilities for teaching, scientific research, participation in international conferences & exhibitions will be temporarily suspended except those concerning epidemic control and/or any other special work. For visits abroad concerning epidemic control and/or any other special work, applications should be submitted for approval by responsible university-level departments.


3. During the epidemic control period, for delegations that have been approved, the visitors should actively contact the overseas inviting party to learn about the latest entry, exit as well as quarantine policies of the visiting country/region, as well as the latest willingness of the inviting party to receive visits from our delegations, according to which timely itinerary adjustments should be made. The postponed/cancelled missions should be reported to Office of International Affairs in time.


4. For groups leaving for visits, the visiting personnel must: 1) understand the current entry & quarantine policies of the visited country/region in advance; avoid entry detention/repatriation; 2) take full personal protection during the whole trip, 3) abide by the relevant inspection requirements for entry & exit of the visited country.


5. For business trips cancelled due to the impact of the epidemic, if the advanced payment for air tickets, accommodation as well as other expenses are not refundable, please provide relevant supporting materials for reimbursement.


6. The requirements of the administration of visits abroad/overseas on business is subject to change of future epidemic situation as well as corresponding changes of national, provincial & university policies.



                                       School of Management             

                                           February 4, 2020