The School of Management held the Assurance of Learning Committee Wrap-up Meeting

Publish Time:2021-11-22   View:184

The School of Management (SoM) held the AACSB Accreditation program 2021 autumn term AoL (Assurance of Learning) meeting. SoM associate deputy Ou Jinwen and assistant dean Qi Jun, relevant course teachers, staff of graduate office, undergraduate academic office and MPAcc program office, MBA center and international office attended the meeting. The meeting was held by SoM assistance dean Qi Jun.


SoM assistant dean Qi Jun first expressed thanks to attending faculty and staff for their support and effort for SoMs international work. She briefly introduced the AoL work in 2020 and the main tasks in 2021. She pointed out that the School had completed two rounds of assessment, data collection and analysis, and reported the outcome to the attending faculty and program directors. And then faculty and attending staff discussed and identified the room for improvement in the next round of AoL assessment.


At last, assistant dean Qi Jun stressed AoL assessment system is an indispensable component of international accreditation and the AoL Committee serves as the central organizational component that directs and oversees the processes. The process facilitates program construction through learning from international business accreditation norms which would help enhance teaching quality, set benchmarks for standard teaching and promote education quality and effectiveness.