"Building Dreams and Moving Forwards, the Future can Be Expected"- Psychological Group Counseling Activity on the Theme of "self-exploration" for 2021 Undergraduates of the School of Management

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The School of Management attaches great importance to the mental health education and guidance of undergraduates. In order to enable the 2021 undergraduates of the School of Management to better adaptto university life with a positive mental state, the School of Management carried out a series of psychological group counseling activities for freshmen between October and November. Teachers in the Student Affairs Office of the SoM carefully arranged and actively planned to divide the 340 undergraduate freshmen into seven classes, and each class carried out three consecutive psychological group counseling activities. Among them, the Department of Accounting and the Department of Marketing have carried out group psychological counseling with the theme of "self-exploration". Through a series of activities such as warm-up games, self-introduction, group contract, self-exploration, exchanges and sharing in the class, student will learn to respect, understand others and integrate into the group while they know and accept the new identity of themselves in the university, adapt to the new university learning and living environment, form a healthy and positive mental state, and lay a solid foundation for students to have a happy and beautiful university life.

In the first week, the tutor first introduced to the students the purpose and significance of the psychological team support activities, and explained the theme of the team support activities-"The Man I Am", and emphasized the the principles of "punctuality, confidentiality, tolerance, respect, listening, and voluntary" in the activities. After random grouping, the students introduced themselves in each group and jointly formulated the group contract and group norms. In the next step, the teacher guides the students to introduce and share the group contract in their group, so that the students can deepen their knowledge and understanding of each other, and initially establish a sense of trust in the group. Then the teacher led the students to the next part-"My Self-Portrait". Students first draw what they look like in their mind, and then communicate and share in the group, and finally each group send one representative to share with the class the most impressive self-portraits in their group and their feelings about participating in this session. At the end of the activity, the students also filled in a "mood record book", and once again adopted the form of group discussion and sending a representative to share with each group to promote communication between the students. Everyone's mood record is different, and it is the collision of different ardent hearts that makes the psychological group assistant activity room full of warmth.

The second week of psychological group counseling was based on the theme of "Me in the Past". Each student was given a self-exploration form of "The Path I Have Taken". The students recalled their own growth experience and drew a graph of their own life curve, sorted out their growth experience, and understood the impact of past events on themselves. During the period, the group members voluntarily shared and spoke actively. The students increased their feelings between each other in the lively discussion, and the group cohesion was also greatly enhanced.

The last week of psychological group counseling uses "my college life jigsaw" as the carrier to guide students to explore "Me in the Future". Under the guidance of the tutor, students shared their college life jigsaw in groups, and then each group sent a representative to share their imagination and plans for the next four years. In this process, the students established their plans and goals for college life, looked forward to the future, and raised their passion for making arduous efforts during the college period.

In the psychological team support activities, the students listened carefully, thought positively, and shared actively. Through these three psychological group counseling activities with different themes, the students looked back to the past, focused on the present, and looked forward to the future. They not only had a sincere dialogue with the truest self in their hearts, but also developed a lot of insights about family relationship management and life path planning, which gained spiritual growth.

(Teachers and counselors guide students to participate and communicate)

(Active discussions and exchanges among team members)

(Group photo of the 2021 Financial Management class)

(Group photo of the 2021 CPA class)

(Group photo of the 2021 Accounting class)

(Group photo of the 2021 Marketing class)