Assistant Dean of School of Management Jun QI Led SoM's Delegation to Attend the 2023 AACSB Asia Pacific Annual Conference

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From 26th November to 1st December, AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) Asia-Pacific Annual Conference and AoL Seminar was held in Osaka, Japan. Jun QI, Assistant Dean of School of Management and Director of the International Department, Jie MA, faculty representative of the Department of Business Administration, Fangbo SI, faculty representative of the Department of Accounting, and Guitong CHEN, International Accreditation Assistant, participated in the conference.

Delegation of School of Management, Jinan University

The keynote speakers for this Asia-Pacific Annual Conference were Lily BI, President and CEO of AACSB, and Geoff PERRY, Executive Vice President, Global Chief Membership Officer, and CEO of the Asia-Pacific of AACSB, and about 200 deans, experts and scholars from more than 70 leading business schools and universities in North America, Europe, and Asia were invited to attend the conference.

Jun QI with Geoff PERRY, AACSB Executive Vice President and Guodong XU, Head of AACSB East Asia

As always, this AACSB Annual Conference focuses on the world's cutting-edge issues, with a forward-looking focus on new ways for traditional business schools to leverage internal and external forces to reform education and renew curricula in the face of the impact of artificial intelligence technology. Blending best practices with cutting-edge ideas, a Q&A session was held to provide a platform for the delegates to share their experiences and to promote the global positive social impact of business schools.

The delegation of the School of Management also participated in the AoL Seminar held from 27th to 28th. At the seminar, representatives of the School of Management were invited by the keynote speaker Venkata Yanamandram to share their experiences on the Assurance of Learning system and the cultivation of the culture of assessment in the School of Management, which was well received by the representatives present at the seminar.

Delegations of SoM and Other Countries in a Discussion

Since its formal accreditation by AACSB in 2022, the School of Management, Jinan University has attracted the attention of major business schools around the world for its outstanding achievements. In order to continuously improve the quality of business education, SoM is committed to creating a culture of assessment with full participation based on its own teaching practice. The delegation also made extensive contacts and exchanges with major business schools around the world, actively introduced the School's practical experience in international accreditation, and demonstrated a good international image in the continuous improvement of the accreditation process.

Written & Image: Guitong CHEN

Edited: Weiyuan HUANG

First Review: Lei LUO, Jiecong LI

Second Review: Jun QI