School of Management attended the 15th Academic Annual Conference of China Management Case

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On April 13th and 14th, the 15th Academic Annual Conference of China Management Case was held in Xiamen. The conference was co-sponsored by the Management Case Studies Committee of Chinese Academy of Management and China Management Case Sharing Center, and hosted by the School of Management, XIAMEN UNIVERSITY. The theme of the conference was Management Theory and Practice of Chinese Enterprises in the AI Era, Mingwei SHE, Deputy Director of the EDP Center, attended the conference as a representative of School of Management, JINAN UNIVERSITY.

Academically supported by many journals such as Nankai Business Review, Science Research Management, Chinese Journal of Management, the conference invites major economics and management institutions across the country to participate, specially invites representatives of teachers to share excellent case study reports, and organizes parallel forums of cases teaching and case study papers, as well as entrepreneur forum activities, which provides a platform of diversified academic exchanges for the participants.

In the awarding section, School of Management was awarded the Best Organization Award in the selection of the 14th National 100 Outstanding Management Cases in 2023, which not only recognizes School of Management's long-term effort of management case teaching and case study, but also further expands the influence of the School of Management in the field of case study and teaching.

Written: Qiulian GAN, Weiyuan HUANG

Edited: Guitong CHEN, Jiecong LI

First Review: Di LONG

Second Review: Jun QI