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A Place I Recommend Everyone to Experience

Publish Time:2017-04-11   View:156

When I left the airplane, I queued up in enormous line. I had never seen such huge queue! That time I realized I had entered completely other culture on the other part of the world.

I came to the campus and really like it until I opened the dormitory room. It wasn't bad but when I saw the bed without mattress (only wooden surface) I would like to come back home. Sometimes I saw mattress without bed but I had never seen bed without mattress before I came to China. All these problems were only symptoms of my fear in the beginning and are now only the cause for laugh.

Times went by and after two weeks I was familiar with surroundings- city, school, people. Thanks to variety of different courses I had the opportunity to choose very interesting classes which enable to develop myself. All of these courses which I choose gave me the chance to meet very interesting lecturer and classmates who had much more field experience than me. I could have solved all my problems thanks to their knowledge and their advice. Thanks to not tight schedule I had also a lot of time to discover Chinese culture, country, meet with international people.I lived in international dormitory therefore I could meet people from countries all over the world. Most of them are also exchange student who attend classes in international school which is also in Jinan University campus.

Moreover, Guangzhou is also very international city. I met many people especially joined in Global Friendship meetings. Thanks to the campus location I can go everywhere during day and night. From Guangzhou is also many trains and flights so it's very easy to take the flight or train even to the other end of China.Thanks to my trip to other province I had the opportunity to touch the Chinese culture and met truly Chinese people. Sometimes was really difficult of the reason I knew maybe 20 Chinese words. From time to time was funny, another time I wanted to escape from this country but all that experience taught me how to walk away from different life situation.I sometimes loved this country sometimes hated it but I recommend everybody to experience it!