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International Student Exchange Program Notice for 2019 Spring

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Dear fellow students,

School of Management will select qualified candidates for 2019 Spring Season International Programs. Please find the list of host universities and requirements for application as well as quata of each host university in Appendix 1. Those who meet the requirements in Appendix 1 can download Appendix 2, fill in exchange program applicantion form, and hand in all documents needed in triplicate to Room 203, International Office, School of Management on September 30, 2018.


All documents handed in must be in sequence, namely, application form, personal CV in both Chinese and English, original transcript (sealed with official stamp), copies of academic papers (if any), copies of certificates of foreign language proficiency level (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, etc.) and other relevent materials that prove your comprehensive qualities.


For undergraduate students, exchange program application form should be submited to Student Affairs Administration Office for official stamp, as for postgraduate students, Postgraduate Student Administration Office will seal the offcial stamp and provide recommedation after postgraduate students gain the consent of their supervisor.


In addition, all electronic version of documents (electronic application form should also include your profile photo) should be sent to, with the subject “name-major-grade-class-university applied”. If there is more than one appendix, please organize multiple files into one folder, and upload the folder after compressing. Any application overdue will not be accepted.

Interviews will be held if applicants pass the preliminary review (after National Holiday on October). Final results will be based on GPA, English proficiency level, interview performance and personal comprehensive qualities.

The cost of mailing individual application materials to overseas universities during the application period shall be borne by the students themselves.

For any inquiry, please contact Ms. Wen: (020) 8522 1410.

Appendix 1-Exchange Program Information.doc

Appendix 2-Exchange Program Application.doc


                                                          School of Management, JNU