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Montpellier Life: Look at the World from a Different Perspective

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Before going to the Montpellier Business School, I received the school's very detailed admission guidelines, and we started our exchange career after successfully arriving.  Let me talk about the feelings of this exchange from the perspectives of study and life.

Learning: Case teaching is generally adopted. On weekends, we have to read dozens of pages of English cases. We have to substitute the knowledge we have learned into the case for analysis, and use PPT to show our views in the next class. After class, we have our own small studio. As long as we make an appointment in advance, we can go to the studio to discuss issues with the group members.


Life: Basically cook by yourself, if you prefer to eat a fast food outside, it will spend at least 10 Euros. At that time, I lived with my classmates in two rooms and one living room. Whenever we have time, we will invite our friends to cook and chat together at home.  France has many holidays, and the prices for train and plane tickets in advance are very cheap.  At that time, my orientation to myself was to go out and see the world as much as I could on the basis of basically mastering the existing course pairs, so I seized all the available holidays to travel and traveled to nearly ten countries.  I met a lot of helpful people during the journey. When I was in Switzerland, I took a train and had to make five or six rounds. A grandfather watched me and a girl worried that I didn’t make a change in time. He would call me every time I changed trains.  I met a lot of similar kind-hearted people, and they were really heartwarming.

The five months of exchange in Montpellier are busy and happy. These months have had a great impact on my outlook on life and the world. It made me start to look at the world from a different perspective, and at the same time I began to reflect on what I want - what kind of life to live, and what kind of person to become.  I also hope that the students who go to France in the future can clearly position their purpose of exchange, plan their own time, and feel the learning and life here with heart.

by Ma Ruoling

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