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Experiencing European Culture - from Imagination to Reality

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It was a great honor for me to have the opportunity to exchange at Montpellier Business School, in France. Here, I not only learned practical business analysis tools, discussed business planning with classmates, but also talked with students from different countries, even became friends and hung out together with them. Not surprisingly, my oral English has improved dramatically in the past four months, and I have learned French and simple Spanish as well. My self-care ability has also been trained largely. Like other international students, I organized several trips to European countries, where I saw a lot of beautiful scenery and ate special foods of different countries. Before I went to Europe, I was full of imagination of it, this European exchange project let me experience the European culture,and now I love it more than ever. I am so grateful that I was given this opportunity, the time in Europe definitely is one of the best days in my whole life.


  By Wu Yuhan

Mobility to Montpellier, France