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Lecce Diary Series 3 - Ancient City and Completely Different Culture

Publish Time:2021-11-17   View:166


Time flies. It's been more than a month since I came to Italy unknowingly. It is the first time to go abroad to live and study in a foreign country. I have gone through all the worries, anxiety and excitement from the beginning and gradually adapted to study and lifewith the help of the teachers.



Our city Lecce is an ancient city in Puglia, southern Italy and it has a history of more than 2,000 years. Making a circle around the ancient city after class has become my daily routine. It is really a good way to feel the Baroque monuments and the life of the locals.



Italy is the country with the most world heritage sites in the world. Its art and fashion are also in a leading position. I definitely would not miss the chance to visit other cities during the weekends.



It’s a pity that due to the epidemic there is no opportunity to communicate directly with teachers and students from various countries face to face. But this unique exchange experience let me experience completely different cultural customs and leave a strong and colorful stroke in my life.    




Guan Xiao